Structured Sober Living in Scottsdale, Arizona

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A Structured Living Environment

Each of our residences offers a safe, well-maintained living environment for individuals willing to commit to a structured program of sobriety.

For most addicts and alcoholics, returning home to old environments where they used drugs or alcohol would trigger old behaviors, so our sober living provides a zero tolerance environment to serve as a way to re-train and focus on daily sober activities that promote recovery.

  • Professional on-site house manager to supervise residents
  • Random drug and alcohol testing
  • Participation in daily AA/CA/NA meetings
  • Work with a Sponsor
  • Weekly AA meetings held on-site
  • Curfew strictly enforced
  • Household chores
  • Employment is encouraged within two weeks and mandatory at 30 days.

Rules and Responsibilites

Our transitional sober living homes require all residents to read, abide and uphold a Statement of Rules and Responsibilities.

We encourage prospective residents to review this document during the application process.

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